Transatlántica Desarrollos promotes unique urban projects with strong impact in strategic areas of cities and regions with high growth rates. Its projects are distinguished by their excellent location and a differential value given by their size or by the characteristics of the constructions themselves.

4R Development
Its expertise enables the identification of unique real estate opportunities in areas with good current and potential future. 4R Development urban developments are known for their design and functionality, located in areas with high demographic and economic growth in cities abroad. Corporate or domestic, they become highly attractive both to investors and end buyers.

DPN Urban and residential complex
Distrito Puerto Norte is a renovated space where the spirit of evolution that always characterized Rosario, receives another impulse in the new heart of the city. A development that grows in dialogue with a privileged environment. The river, walks, parks, recreational spaces, shops and exclusive services. Distrito Puerto Norte is the future of urbanism: a new way of living, where the dynamic impulse goes hand in hand with the need for tranquility and relaxation to share special moments with family and friends.